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Xiaomi Mi Air (13.3-inch) Notebook

Xiaomi is a very successful manufacturer in the smartphone market which is, however, regionally concentrated in China. Xiaomi's business model consists of offering as good devices as possible at low prices to undercut the competition, therefore low or even no profit from hardware purchases is accepted. This strategy showed great success in the smartphone market, at least until 2015, when Xiaomi weakened a bit. Now that success could be repeated in the PC market with the here reviewed Mi Notebook Air.

The Mi Notebook Air 13 is a comparatively compact device, thanks to the slim display frames. It is only slightly bigger than the more compact XPS 13 that has even smaller display frames - therefore the camera of the Xiaomi device is not pointed to look up your nose. The MacBook 12 is even more compact and lighter but at the same time offers weaker hardware, here the 12.5-inch version of the Mi Notebook Air could more likely be a good competitor.                                                                                                 - NotebookCheck

Successful Debut


The Mi Notebook Air not only has a simple design, it also has a simple connectivity. The device's equipment is kept to the absolute minimum whereas it could, of course, be even more radical. Like most retail Ultrabooks, the Mi Notebook Air does not have an Ethernet port. We also sadly miss an SD-card reader, unlike Ethernet this is something the competition is able to provide.


The wireless communication module in the Mi Notebook Air is made by Intel. The Intel 8260 AC is one of the most installed WLAN-cards when it comes to more expensive notebooks and should be familiar to many of our readers. The card is installed here with two antennas. A benchmark comparison shows that the 8260 delivers a good performance, there is nothing to declare. No anomalies were found in terms of practical use, the connection was stable throughout the entire test. 



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